Servicing Ducted Air Conditioners

Servicing Ducted Air Conditioners

We don't think twice about servicing our car, and in many respects air conditioning systems are no different.
Many of us visit our mechanic when purchasing a car and discussing air conditioning with an expert before purchase is also beneficial.

The advantages of ducted air conditioning include -:

  • Efficiency and costs over multiple rooms
  • Quietness of the air conditioning
  • Better dispersion of the air due to multiple vents instead of one concentrated system
  • Look better as vents come in a variety of styles and can be mounted flush to the ceiling
Ducted Air Conditioning Filter

What about the servicing costs of ducted air conditioning

The types of things that can be serviced on a ducted system are-:

  • replace rusted brackets
  • air conditioning motors - fans and pumps
  • repair duct work
  • replace and re-configure duct work
  • clean filters to maintain efficiency and life of the system

Uneven use of components depending on location

In South East Queensland we have very moist humid and salt filled air which can lead to uneven ware on outside components of a ducted air conditioner.
It pays to avoid complete replacement of a system

Ducted Air Conditioning experts have a variety of techniques to service and prolong efficiency and lifetime of ducted air conditioning systems.
The Gold Coast is synonymous with high rises at the beach. Keeping the equipment operating well makes sense especially when the cost of replacing ducted air conditioning can be heavy.