Which are the quietest air conditioners

Most air conditioners in Australia now have a noise (dB) rating on them.
It can be frustrating trying to listen to a program on TV or Radio with an annoying noise in the background.
When purchasing an air conditioner it is hard to know what the noise of the air conditioner will be when installed.

As a general rule

Below is the Noise Rating in Db of a new model Fujitsu Ducted Air Conditioner

Fujitsu Ducted Air Conditioner Noise

Ducted air conditioners are quietest, followed by split system air conditioners, followed by refrigerated air conditioners and finally evaporative air conditioners are the loudest.
Generally it depends on the proximity of the unit.

  • Ducted
  • Split Systems
  • Refrigerated
  • Evaporative

Wall or window air conditioners have a tendancy to be noisy due to being close to where you are, whilst a ducted system has the noisy components on the roof.

Air Conditioner Noise Video

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