Which are the quietest air conditioners

Which are the quietest air conditioners

Most air conditioners in Australia now have a noise (dB) rating on them. Often there are two ratings, one for the indoor unit and one for outdoors.
It can be frustrating trying to listen to a program on TV or Radio with an annoying noise in the background.
When purchasing an air conditioner it is hard to know what the noise of the air conditioner will be when installed.

As a general rule

Below is the Noise Rating in Db of a new model Fujitsu Ducted Air Conditioner

Fujitsu Ducted Air Conditioner Noise

Ducted air conditioners are quietest, followed by split system air conditioners, followed by refrigerated air conditioners and finally evaporative air conditioners are the loudest.
Generally it depends on the proximity of the unit.

1 Ducted
2 Split Systems
3 Refrigerated
4 Evaporative

Wall or window air conditioners have a tendancy to be noisy due to being close to where you are, whilst a ducted system has the noisy components on the roof.

Air Conditioner Noise Video

Fan speeds

The air conditioner fan circulates cooled or heated air around your room. Models with a wide airflow range allow the air to be directed easily to the whole room.

Multiple fans speeds help with air conditioner noise.

Look for models with different fan speeds from very high, to help the room cool down quickly, to very low, so there's reduced noise and once you have the right temperature.

The quietest air conditioners 2022

Noise Levels in Mitsubishi Split System Air Conditioners

Mitsubishi MSZ-AP series, includes models from 2.5 to 9 kW. Some models operate at a noise level as low as 18 dB(A). This is the noise of an indoor unit in quiet mode.

Mitsubishi MSZ-AP series indoor noise levels when cooling
Model Quiet Lo Mid Hi SHi
MSZ-AP25VG(D) 2.5 kW 19 24 31 38 44
MUZ-AP35VG(D) 3.5 kW 19 24 31 38 45
MUZ-AP50VG(D) 5 kW 28 33 39 44 49
MUZ-AP80VG(D) 7.8 kW 30 37 41 45 53
MUZ-AS90VGD-A1 9 kW 30 36 42 48 54

Mitsubishi AP Series Noise Video

Noise Levels in Fujitsu Split System Air Conditioners

Fujitsu Lifestyle Range, wall mounted split system reverse cycle in the following sizes - 2.5kW, 3.5kW, 5.0kW, 6.0kW, 7.1kW, 8.5kW, 9.4kW

Fujitsu Lifestyle Range indoor noise levels when cooling
Model Quiet Hi Average Star Rating
ASTG09KMTC 2.5 kW 19 40 5 stars
ASTG12KMTC 3.5 kW 19 40 4.5 stars
ASTG18KMTC 5 kW 29 46 4.5 stars
ASTG24KMTC 7.1 kW 29 49 3.5 stars
ASTG34KMTC 9.4 kW 35 52 2.5 stars

Noise Regulations in Australia

It is recommended to choose the quietest air conditioner possible. Noise levels are measured at the fence or boundary of your neighbours property, or at a speficic point.

Noise regulations vary from state to state.

Queensland follows the Environmental Protection Act 1994, which includes noise limits for air conditioners.
The allowable noise levels are no louder than 5db(A) above background noise between 7am and 10pm, and no louder than 3dB(A) above background noise between 10pm and 7am.
source: HVAC&R Skills Workshop

For an understanding of background noise and the reasons some people will be affected by noise more than others, it is useful to check hearing levels.

Mild hearing loss: Hearing loss of 20 to 40 decibels.
Moderate hearing loss: Hearing loss of 41 to 60 decibels.
Severe hearing loss: Hearing loss of 61 to 80 decibels.
Profound hearing loss or deafness: Hearing loss of more than 81 decibels.

Hearing dB with noises
souce: Hearing Aids Australia

Originally Posted 17 Jun 2013