Split Systems

Split System Air Conditioners

Split systems are broken down into two or more units. Split systems are relatively easy to install. One unit is inside and one unit the compressor is either on brackets or on the ground outside.

They require no ductwork giving you more flexibility as to where you mount them. Many units and apartments use them.

The indoor unit can operate silently. Most split systems are reverse cycle, with both heating and cooling functions. A remote contol allows you to operate the unit easily from anywhere in sight. Some systems now come with Wi-Fi allowing you to operate the systems manually. Say you are on the way home and want to cool the house for your entry.

The indoor unit has a removable, washable filter which can be cleaned easily. With the Brisbane to Gold Coast climate, it is recommended to service your split system every 2 years.

Interactive Diagram: How Split System Air Conditioning Works

How Split System Airconditioners Work

Air Conditioning Comfort

Split System Air Conditioner Operation

Split System Air Conditioner Operation

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