Servicing your air conditioner

It is important to service your Air Conditioner on a regular basis. Brisbane air conditioning installer JT air conditioning list the following benefits of a serviced air conditioner :-

  • Decreased power consumption
  • Improved cooling and heating capacity
  • Extension in the life of your air conditioner
  • Reduced chance of your system failing

Electricity Consumption Meter

The humid summer months of the South East Queensland area can be tough on your air conditioning system.

Toxic Air Conditioners

The majority of breakdowns we have attended this year have been due to drain blockages from mould and algae build up. All of the units that failed had not been serviced in the last twelve months. These breakdowns could have easily been prevented had the unit been serviced on a regular basis.
Jeff JT air conditioning

Air conditioning service consists of:
1. General check over.
2. Clean and deodorize inside filters and cowling with special foaming formulation.
3. Clean outside condenser cowling with special foaming formulation.
4. Check gas where required.
5. Polish outside unit.
6. Check installation of exposed pipes.
7. Anti corrosive spray on outside unit.
8. Check and clean fan housing if required, and make a note: If units are old and never cleaned it may incur an extra charge

Service costs are as follows:
1st Single Split system $99 GST inclusive
2nd & Consecutive Split systems $88 GST inclusive (located on the same premises)
Box units $77 GST inclusive

Call Jeff on 0419 730 780 for further details. (Servicing Brisbane Southside)

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